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At RGen, we help enterprises expand their businesses by custom application development, Business Intelligence, IT services, testing and SharePoint 2010 services that are capable of performing across several platforms and infrastructures.

At RGen Solutions, we provide different services like Business Intelligence, staffing, software development & testing and SharePoint 2010 services. RGen Solutions has the expertise to provide your organization the enterprise analytics services that you need. We bring out the Business Intelligence that provides meaningful insights that enable decision making based on real-time data. We deliver cutting edge technology solutions customized as per your needs. At RGen Solutions, we go beyond the traditional staffing services. With strong technical knowledge in our core areas, we better understand the technical resource needs of our clients. We support the learning curve of our candidates to train them and ensure the right fit as per client requirements. We work with you to provide end-to-end services to maximize your ROI as you transform your IT environment to move to Cloud Computing. RGen Solutions is a one-stop shop for providing testing services. RGen Solutions also offers a complete suite of SharePoint 2010 Solutions.

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